Vintage Eyewear Contribution
to Your Style

6 Great Reasons to Wear Retro Glasses

3 winning combinations:

  • Vintage eyewear to your vintage look;
  • Retro glasses to your everyday apparel;
  • Spectacles to your smart suite/dress

Any combination can contribute to your appearance and personal style.

Vintage Eyewear Men's

So why glasses instead of contact lenses, and moreover &mdash Why retro glasses?

1. It's super-stylish

Men's vintage glasses look the best with stylish moustache or casual scrub. This combination is very trendy today. I personally think of RayBan frame shape, though round spectacles (with toned lenses maybe) may be your perfect choice.

2. It's so sexy

Ledy's retro glasses with vintage hair-style and red lipstick, what can be more erotic and classy? Cat-eye glasses works good for your erotic style, they will really look feminine and flirty. Stylish RayBan frames can add some smart assent to your romantic look.

3. Extravagant choice

To reflect your unique style or just an unusual mood it's quite exciting to chose a new pair of vintage glasses:

  • Cat-eye shape
  • Round spectacles
  • Aviator shape

4. Quality reasons

Vintage glasses frames often have outstanding quality. The material of the frames can be different:

  • plastic
  • metal
  • titanium
  • or even ivory or wood

5. Best fancy-dress party accessory

The best detail to make a creative, arty look for your party or carnival.

6. Vintage eyewear is a great choice if you want to change your appearance

If your look needs a change, the best way to change it completely (well, actually the second best way after changing hair colour) is to start wearing (or to change your current) glasses. If you don't need a prescription, it's a good idea to wear protecting glasses while working at the screen of your computer.

They look like optical glasses but have slight rainbow gloss, this rainbow surface protect your eyes somehow.

Well, now when you've checked the 6 reasons, you may come to the conclusion that you definitely need to buy a pair for yourself...

Let me give you some tips: Vintage eyewear is quite expensive. On London Vintage Brick Lane market vintage frames cost £70 — £250.

Sometimes, it's quite difficult to find a shape you are dreaming of. But if you know the exact shape you want (from a retro film for example), you can just order the frame. A picture or a drawing of it may help you to explain to the makers what exactly you want.

There is a great glasses frames shop in Covent Garden in London.

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The best of luck!

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