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London Vintage Fashion News: The Best Vintage London Awards 2012

Saturday 14 Apr 2012

Voting is being started on

After the last year's Best of Vintage Awards, it's back for 2012 on. This time you can take part in voting. The nomination will be open until 26 April. Then, from the 30 April the short list of the top three nominees will be offered to you to vote for your winner.

The glittering award ceremony will take place later this year when the winner will be announced.

Celebrities Vintage Fashion News: Demi Moore Has 'treasure trove' Wardrobe

Wednesday 11 Apr 2012

As Belfast Telegraph reported on Wednesday Demi Moore is a real vintage lover. She has her own vintage collection of clothing.

Demi Moore has a "treasure trove" of retro fashions that her lucky daughter likes to borrow.

Tallulah Willis looks to her 49-year-old mother for style inspiration. The 18-year-old usually borrows jewellery and clothing from Demi's retro wardrobe.

"My mom has a warehouse of vintage clothes that she's collected," she told...

Demi Moore vintage wardrobe

New Season Vintage Fashion News in London: Beyond Retro Spring/Summer Collection Online Now

Make sure your wardrobe is summer ready and check out the hundreds of new items freshly just added to Beyond Retro online store -- the most popular vintage clothing store in London and the UK.

We loved their collection of dresses, which is truly amazing (prices £24--£45). Fresh and colourfull.

Bravo! Beyound Retro!

TV Vintage Fashion News- The Return of Vintage Crime Show

UKTV’s Alibi is thrilled to announce the return of vintage 19th century crime show, Murdoch Mysteries. The brand new exclusive fifth series returns to Alibi Tuesday 28th February at 9pm (Sky 132, Virgin 130).

The Return of Vintage Crime Show

Vintage Fashion News: Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress


We at Vintage Fashion Club are pleased to see a vintage inspired very traditional very 'wedding' dress Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge now have chosen and even designed for herself.

The opinions about the dress are very positive among both high fashion designers and public. Here is what different people around the world think about the dress:


Please fill free to leave your comment on our Vintage Fashion News page about Kate Middleton's dress here .

• I thought it was gorgeous. Very classy and simple. Grace Kelly's dress came to mind, but I don't consider that a bad thing since the former was stunning.

• I'm not surprised by what she chose, in more difficult economic times I would think the bride would want to appear less showy and get a dress that is common enough that even your grandma could have wore a dress like it, of course, with much cheaper materials :P

• What I was surprised by, was the sweetheart neckline and area around the bust which very closely resembled an undergarment, the dress was overall very modest by modern standards, but I guess the lingerie as clothing fashion trend has made its way even into royal weddings.

• The dress was exactly as I would have expected, a mix of royal splendor while still common enough for people to relate to.

• It seems there is no any creative designer out there. It is all copy. That's ok but something that makes us say wow.... It was simply disappointing dress.

• I mean, Kate Middleton has such a nice figure and all the fashion resources in the UK, and that's what she ended up with?

• They compare this dress with Grace Kelly's wedding dress. I'm not agree, look at her intriguing egg shaped skirt, stylish multi-layered silk belt. That's the unique look, that's what you are not going to expect on every single wedding.


• I would call it appropriate and beautifully done, but I'm sorry, I didn't fall in love with this dress.

• I was a little bit disappointed that she didn't put a bit of wow! or that's different! in at least SOMETHING, whether it be an accesory, hair,

• Its called 'timeless' what she wore will never go out of style and she will never have to look back and go...oh crap.

• It didn't have the impact Princess Diana's did (not that Diana's dress would get high marks today but in the 80s it was wow). And it wasn't particularly unique in style on par with a typical society wedding - something extra was needed to upgrade to royal.

• I will give it A for appropriate, and C- for fashion. She looked lovely though and definitely she was elegant and proper.

• The dress that really stunned me was the one of Kate's sister Pipa, that was a fantastic dress and it fit her perfectly. she stole the show with her dress, it was amazing!

• i think she and her sister looked stunning, but Kate took the edge her dress was lovely!

• But still Catherine Middleton did look great on her wedding day. And if the purpose of the dress was not to demonstrate anything (come on, what does she need to demonstrate now, she is already marring a future Monarch) but simply to be there, be beautiful and feel good, then she was right in her choice.

Vintage Fashion News - Frock Me

Fashion has become all about expressing your individuality. Gone are the days when you had to 'fit in' by looking like a clone of all your friends. You are special. You are different. But this doesn't mean you have to look like a freak.

The best, easiest and cheapest way to express your individuality is to create your own style by mixing and matching and chopping and changing tried and tested vintage classics. Even though everybody's doing it you will never see two outfits that look exactly the same.

Vintage is becoming increasingly easy to find and one of the best ways to see loads of vintage dealers under one roof is to go to a vintage fashion fair. Frock Me, established 8 years ago, is quite simply the best vintage fashion fair around.

More Vintage Fashion News

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