Best 20 Vintage Glasses
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Vintage glasses more than anything else reflect the spirit of the time they came from. Romantic glamour of the 1950s, charismatic 1960s, hippie 1970s.

They all are so bright and so unique. Please have a look to our choice of the best 20 glasses from the past we've found online.

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Vintage Glasses 01 Vintage Glasses 02

First glasses are rare Swank vintage glasses with hot pink lenses and rare original Ray-Ban Bullet Hole Shooter Aviator Sunglasses which come with original metal case. Aviator glasses have golden frame with green glass lenses. Top of brow bar and both arms engraved "B&L 1/10 12k GF".

Both pairs of glasses are in excellent condition, lenses have no scratches.

The third retro glasses pair is Courreges Vintage Sunglasses Eskimo Occhiali form 1960s France.

Vintage Glasses 03

Next retro glasses are Nina Ricci sun glasses from 1970s, glamorous Hollywood 1950s glasses, rare 1970s Ray-Bans, 1980s Christian Dior glasses.

Vintage Glasses 04 Vintage Glasses 05 Vintage Glasses 06 Vintage Glasses 07

Number 8, 9, 10 and 11 are Yves Saint Laurent frames, 1980s Lanvin Shades, Laura Biagiotti sun-glasses and vintage sun-glasses by Christian Dior.

Vintage Glasses 08 Vintage Glasses 09 Vintage Glasses 10 Vintage Glasses 11

Retro glasses number 12 are amazing Mod frames from 1970s.

Vintage Glasses 12

Vintage 1950s Gucci frames, 1950s Handmade eyewear frames, 1960s Nina Ricci frames, and Christian Dior 1960s frames with gorgeous blue bows are next:

Vintage Glasses 13 Vintage Glasses 14 Vintage Glasses 15 Vintage Glasses 16

1970s Givenchy Vertex frames, Cartier sun glasses, Paloma Picasso 1980s glasses and 1970s Yves Saint Laurent sun-glasses are the last in our top 20 vintage glasses list.

Vintage Glasses 17 Vintage Glasses 18 Vintage Glasses 19 Vintage Glasses 20

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