Vintage Halloween Decorations will Create a Great Atmosphere: Magical, Retro and Very Scary!

Vintage Halloween decorations will turn your Halloween (or Hallowe’en) into a truly mysterious holiday.

Vintage Halloween Decorations

Not only because it takes part late at night , but also because it’s all about ghosts, demons, witches etc.

We have Halloween parties every year, costume and decorations changes from year to year, but the whole idea, the look and feel of the holiday is still the same as it was during 20th century. Halloween parties always have a slight retro accent, although if you fancy you can prepare a purely vintage Halloween party for your friends or family, or together with them.

Here are some vintage ideas for your Halloween party:

To create atmosphere:

Vintage Halloween Pumpkin are very classy but they look really beautiful and very retro if the whole room is decorated with the cut out faces of the pumpkins with the candles inside.

No plastic pumpkins, no modern hi-tech lamps, no bright coloured lights, only candles and retro lamps and old good real raw pumpkins.

Dress code

Not everyone loves fancy dresses, and not every fancy dresses party is necessarily funny and great one. So don’t make your guests dress up Helloweeny &mdash let them wear vintage tragic and beautiful outfits. No false plastic horns and tails, no horrible masks and silly hats, purely beautiful retro ball outfits.

Drinks and Treats

Use beautiful old vintage bottles both as decorations on your Halloween table and actual drinking bottles labeled as 'Witches Potion' or 'Magic Elixir'. Create homemade teacakes not as glossy as they sell in supermarkets, but really curve and cute, and put a lot of candles on your table.


and create as many beautiful pictures as possible.

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