Vintage handkerchiefs — memory of the past

Vintage handkerchiefs were made (and often hand made) from a very high quality fabric, that’s why vintage hankies age so well. They are often white or off white, sometimes the colour changes with age.

Although even after they loose the purity of their white colour sometimes, the lace ends up being torn in some places, anyway they never loose their romantic luxury and sweet nostalgia.

A retro handkerchief is a pure memory of the past in a small square piece of fabric

It is tender memory of the childhood, mum’s hands, first sewing, washing and ironing lessons;
It is sweet memory of romantic love, passionate commitments and smell of vintage perfumes;
It is painful nostalgic memory of the lost luxury of the past times.

Vintage handkerchiefs designs:

Embroidered Appliqué

Light to medium weight embroidery floss. Combinations of lock, chain, cross-stitch, zigzag or twisted stitches. Motifs used for the vintage handkerchiefs vary from floral, to ornamental, geographical, letters, birds and animals etc.

Fabric Appliqué
Most fabric appliqué hankies were made using only solid colour fabrics whether only one colour of fabric for everything or great variety of solid colours and only solid colours never patterned.

The idea in cutting holes of different shapes to create a decorative design of some angles of the handkerchiefs or the whole one

Cutwork Appliqué
The same idea, but only the edges are cut decoratively

Shadow Appliqué
The idea is to stitch fabric to the lace border. The lace has not been cut away from the back of the fabric so it gives a soft airy appearance. It looks beautiful from both sides.

Most of the designs of the vintage hankies are hand-made, but only buy examining each item separately you may find out the quality of the retro beauty.

Many of the retro hankies are collectibles. But, even if you are not a collector and don't have a professional eye you will appreciate the vintage handkerchiefs' creators level of quality.

They are truly beautiful pieces of work, and any vintage fashionista will benefit from a couple of those masterpieces in her wardrobe.

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