Vintage Holiday Fabric. Sentimental Vintage Prints

And Top 10 Ideas

There is something really nostalgic in vintage holiday fabric. It reminds the retro cartoons &mdash naive and beautiful.

Doesn't it bring your sweet memories? Your grannies dress that she used to wear, or your own bathrobe warm and cosy &mdash the one which your mom raped you into long long time ago...

It's simple and colourful motif brings a lot of memories, it's charming and sentimental.

The variety of prints and motifs is huge, and the pictures that are printed on the fabric depend on many factors:

  • Country of production
  • Fabric's age
  • Fabric's material
  • Type of printing
  • Type of holiday itself of course, which can be hundreds and thousands of them:
Vintage Christmas fabric;
Vintage Hogmanay fabric; Vintage New Year fabric;

Vintage holiday Christmas fabric Vintage Holiday New Year Fabric

Vintage Boxing Day fabric; Vintage Valentine's fabric;

Vintage foliday Boxing Day fabric Vintage foliday Valentine fabric

Vintage Mother's day fabric; Vintage Father's day fabric;

Vintage April Mothers Day fabric Vintage Holiday Fathers Day fabric

Vintage Easter fabric; Vintage St. Patric's Day fabric;

Vintage Holiday Easter Fabric Vintage Holiday St Patrics Fabric

Vintage April Fool's Day fabric; Vintage May Day fabric;

Vintage Holiday april fools fabric Vintage Holiday May Day Fabric

Vintage Halloween fabric; Vintage All Saints Day fabric;

Vintage Holiday Halloween Fabric Vintage Holiday All Saints Fabric

The best place to buy

The best place to find those cute motifs is e-bay. The variety of vintage fabrics, colours and printings is enormous.

10 Ideas of How to Use Your Vinatge Holiday Fabric

1) What can be more extravagant than a pair of trousers with Christmas Santa's Reindeers print?

2) Or a bright colourful dress with balloons motif.

3) Contemporary furniture remade with retro holiday fabric looks stylish and unique.

4) Occasional retro shirt made of holiday fabrics.

5) Retro holiday fabric linen for a smart coat or suite.

6) Cut piece of beautiful holiday patterned retro fabric, put it in frame, and hang on a wall.

7) Remake book jackets for your retro books and give them a new fashionable life on your shelves.

8) Vintage style greeting cards decorated with a relevant holiday fabric.

9) Vintage holiday fabric pijama for a holiday Pijama Party.

10) Nice fabric bags made from vintage fabric for presents to the one you love with valentine heards and archer.

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