Top 10 Vintage Holiday Ideas
for Your Next Summer

Vintage holiday is an alternative way to spend your summer. When you need a break from your busy city life, office routine and home work you arrange a holiday!

Vintage holiday island

Adding vintage to your holiday will make it even more exciting and give you a chance to:

  • have fun;
  • try something different;
  • and see your partner, your friends, even yourself from a slightly different angle
Top 10 Ideas for Your Vintage Holiday:

1. Vintage destinations

Prague, New York and Edinburgh are considered by many vintage researches to be capitals of vintage fashion. If you want to feel the vintage atmosphere to see the retro beauty and especially to experience the best vintage shopping — this kind of holiday will definitely be a good choice.

2. Vintage travel accessories
Vintage umbrellas, suitcases, beach towels, retro cameras instead of ordinary travel equipment will make you stand out from the tourists' crowd, and help you to make like-minded friends.

3. Vintage clothing and accessories
Wherever you go — on a trip, picnic or beach holiday — retro romantic straw hats and silk tunics, vintage swim-suites and of course retro glasses will make you look and feel as an unordinary celebrity in her/or his strange mood.

4. Vintage Cars
If you can arrange a retro car or even better than that — retro cabriolet for your country vintage picnic it will deliver unforgettable driving! And take soundtracks from old films or any other retro music with you in the car, believe me, it will turn your trip into a moody romantic travel!

Vintage holiday in retro car

5. Retro yacht
is one more cool idea for your summer vintage holiday.

6. Vintage food
vintage wine, and straw baskets, boxes, polka dot fabric tissues for your picnic another idea to turn an ordinary picnic with friends into a nice themed event.

7. Vintage poems
in addition to your retro picnic, read old poems, declare your favourite parts as ladies and gentlemen do in old novels

8. Vintage beach
Arrange a vintage beach day for your friends, wear vintage swimsuits, hair bands, sunglasses, straw hats and so on; supply you beach company with retro cocktails, badminton rackets, vintage magazines and poetry books.

Vintage beach

Vinyl player will compete your vintage atmosphere and will turn your beach day into a fascinating retro themed beach party.

9. Vintage photo
Vintage photo-session is a great fun, arrange a retro photo-session together with your friends, involving a lot of make up, vintage clothes and accessories; vintage champagne definitely helps in creative process as well.

And share your best pictures with us.

Don't forget that you can make retro style pictures during your trip, black and white or sepia pictures can be a good alternative and be a new wave among the look alike holiday pictures on your friends' Facebook pages.

Vintage photo session

Also, you can apply to the professional photographers and get fascinating retro portraits or vintage nu for your personal album. are outstanding professionals in retro photography and great guys to deal with.

10. Retro films
And finally, if you are too lazy to arrange anything and just want to relax on your own sofa (after all, it's YOUR holiday, and you do what you want), retro movies on your old video player together with a nice cold punch on your night table can work the best!

Enjoy your vintage summer, and come back and share your story and your pictures with us!

How did You Spend
Your Vintage Summer Holiday 2010?

Have you discovered a vintage holiday destination, a retro club, a restaurant
or a hotel, a great market or a boutique? I'm sure I'm not the only one who
is obsessed with taking pictures during a trip. Share with your fellow vantage
fans! We'd love some inspirational stories and retro style pictures...

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