Wired Sroreditch Store of Vintage Items

This is probably the most unique vintage shop in Shoreditch - no name, no website, no price tags. All the vintage items in the shop are so random, there are union jack armchairs stocking together with the broken vinyl player... Nevertheless as for the vintage clothes in this shop, there are only dresses and tops... and, oh boy, beautiful they are.


  • Theatrical 1950 ballerina dress - most beautiful vintage items of all times - a celebration of softness, glamour and romance. This one in the shop was very good quality, hand finished, it had a wired pink ribbon with a bow around the waist though, not shire where it came from, it seemed like during its long history someone attached it to the dress
  • Early 1940s white flapper dress. It was very beautiful as well. Made of white silk, the silhouette was incredibly soft and feminine - it was the square cut that sits gorgeous, when it's the right size.
  • There were also few 1960s floral patterned dresses, very flowery and girlish.
  • The other clothes in the store were retro tops. Again, handsome models, gorgeous material, simple colours.
  • The only thing about this beautiful clothing was that they all had flows: little warn out tears and holes, little stains and spots, etc. I personally don't mind the sins of history on my clothes. But together with the shops informal atmosphere it reminded me a carbuds sail.

    Nevertheless the shop is worth visiting.

    The shop owner is another story. He was sitting there near the entrance together with his assistant as two famous rockstars. Honestly, they definitely had charisma. People on the street just stopped to ask them to allow their pictures to be taken.


    Amazing. We definitely recommend this shop to all vintage lovers as an independent old school punky vintage manifesto.

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