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Vintage jewellery always brings a touch of glamour to your wardrobe no matter if it’s golden or plastic. What matters though is to find a piece of jewellery that matches your style, personality or the fashion decade you are referring to.

Portrait of a girl in vintage jewellery Retro jewellery is a real value, it’s usually designed or hand-made by a master, lasting decades without losing it’s value. In fact, it has gained even more value through epochs, historical events, and fashion influences. And they are all there waiting for you in vintage shops and markets.

Walking in vintage markets or browsing the online stores, you can come across a real treasure for your jewellery box, a beautiful present for the one you love, or a good investment of your money. If you want to spend your money wisely, you need to know which one among those mountains of metal and plastic vintage treasures is worthy and which one is simply old junk.

The amount of retro jewellery trends is enormous, though the good thing about them is that they always look more luxurious than the contemporary ones because time has added some luster to it, no matter what material is used for the vintage jewellery precious metal or simple plastic.

Vintage Jewellery Girl with Pearls

If you are specifically looking for collectibles, don’t forget about the companies like Cartier, Asprey, Garrards and Tiffany that always produced time–honoured designs, using precious metals and gemstones. Their pieces represent traditional values which will always retain an importance, and, what’s more, they offer secure investment for the future.

However, it is in the work of artist – a jeweller – that you will find the expression of ideas and spirits of their epochs. And, who knows, vintage jewellery relatively cheap today can become precious antique in time.

VIntage Beading and Brouch

Disinfection tips

No matter how expensive your jewellery is, it's still quite old, therefore please be careful when you first put them on. Jewellery is a piece of your dressing which makes contact with your body, so please remember that it is essential to disinfect it before wearing it. Especially with earrings. Earrings have the closest contact with your body, and you can even prick your skin and therefore infect your blood, that’s why shop assistants in most jeweller shops never allow you to try on earrings.

Vintage Jewellery Girl with turban

Excuse me for a little bit of bloody horror here, but I don’t want you to pay such an expensive price as your health to posses even the most beautiful vintage treasure in the whole world. And it’s very simple to prevent infection:

You will need:

  • a few grams of spirit,
  • piece of cotton wool,
  • dry tissue
  • couple of minutes of your time

Now please take your vintage earrings (or another vintage jewellery) and follow the simplest procedure of disinfection:

  • Put a couple of spirit drops on a piece of cotton wool
  • wipe your earrings with your cotton wool, starting from the needle, so that the earrings stay wet with your spirit for a second
  • rub them dry

Now hardly any infection would have survived, so they are ready to be worn.

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