My Gold Vintage Jewelry

I've always been a hugue fan of chunky vintage jewelry, I hated thin chain braslets, flowery juvenile rings and, as for the earings, together with my likeminded friend DaryaB we even had a definition of a particular girls style: 'girls with little earrings', - meaning no good of course.

I don't know what has changed, but growing up, a perfect style jewelry for me now is tiny little diamond earrings and a thin chained necklace.

Although, I have to make it clear here: my little vintage jewelry I prefer to wear with flat shoes and baggy jeans, vintage tee shirts vintage tee shirts, a straw bag (in the summer) and probably a nice dark blazer.

Theese are my favourite jewellery:

'Accessories' silver collection little necklace, which I redesigned to match my style: I changed the chain to a golden one (it's also much thinner), and I changed the charm's ring for a golden to match the chain of course.


This is the earrings shift: from super big costume jewelry to sophisticated tiny golden vintage jewellery.



Only the retro rings I still prefer to be rather big and bulky.
My favourite vintage ring is this diamonds hexican gold ring.

Is there anyone else who swapped from chunky to sophisticated?

Tell what you think about this combination of relaxed retro clothes and classy vintage jewelry?

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