How to Recognise Vintage Labels

When you choose clothing to buy for your retro wardrobe, vintage labels can definitely help you to make the right choice. And if you hunt on collectibles, label knowledge can help you to invest your money beneficially.

Labels and brands are signatures of a fashion designer that often make our vintage shopping life easier. They can define the time of design or production, country, quality level.

Vintage Labels Louis Vuitton

But there are so many different names, brands, designers, that it's very easy to be confused by this variety.

Relax, you will feel more confident and knowledgeable using the simple 4-Steps-Retro-Labels-Guide...

4 simple steps to recognize vintage labels

1. Learn your favourite decade's brands.
If you prefer a particular retro style or decade from the past make a personal list of the best brands. It will help you to make your specific shopping much more successful, easy and pleasant.

2. If you come across an unknown label
(which often happens) consult online resources to find out more.
Vintage Labels Liabrary is the best choice to find out more information about your retro brand.

Who knows, maybe it could be one of those vintage fairy tales when you buy a relatively cheap retro garment, and then you find out that it is a valuable collectible item that may cost thousands.

3. Don't be mislead if you buy an expensive vintage garment. Some labels were valuable and expensive during one period of time but lost their value during another.

Always check Vintage Brands and Labels resources if you are not sure about your purchase and the deal looks suspicious.

4. Rely on your own preferences.
Always choose your vintage clothing depending on your own taste and trust your own judgment. Don't become one of those labels' snobs, don't limit yourself by the brands names. Choose the best clothing, not the best label.

You don't need tons of labeled clothes buried in your wardrobe never worn.

And even if you buy your retro designer's labeled garment with a purpose to sell it on e-bay, don't forget a label alone won't turn your garment into the best selling thing. First ask yourself: would you buy this item for yourself, and if the answer is Yes!, it will be a good investment!

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