Top 8 Vintage Leather Jacket Styles

A vintage leather jacket is probably one of the first choices in retro fashion. Why? Well, let's see:

  • It creates chic and sexy Glam-Rock look
  • It's lasting the rigours of wear and tear very well
  • It's resistant
  • It means so many different things

There are moods and times when your vintage leather jacket becomes your best friend:

  • when you are in one of those sexy rocky moods
  • when you have a great opportunity to ride a bike
  • when you've split up with your boyfriend/girlfriend and need a revenge
  • when you are going to a heavy metal party or a cool rock concert
  • or when you simply feel the drive

Top 8 Vintage Leather Jacket Styles

1. Some people think that the prototype of lather jackets are soldiers’ leather jacket styles borrowed from different countries' soldiers uniforms. One of the earliest ones for example is the Russian commissars black leather uniforms.

2. One of the most iconic leather jacket styles from the 1920s is aviators brown leather jacket mostly known because of Amelia Earhart — first famous female pilot.

3. 'Bomber Jackets' which are usually made with sheepskin collar. The most famous Bomber Jacket is The Tom Cruises one in the Top Gun and Biggles jacket

4. Vintage brown Indiana Jones leather jacket, treed and worn out. A symbol of travels, adventures and real men.

5. The 1950s and 1960s black leather jackets are the symbols of rebellion, cool and freedom for the youngsters of the epoch. The most famous jackets are the Marlon Brando's from 'The Wild One' and Blackman's from 'The Avengers'

6. The 1970s and 1980s leather jackets are associated with the T-Birds in 'Grease' and the Fronze in 'Happy days'.

7. Heavy Metal Leather Jacket is another fashion icon. During the same decades a black leather jacket was also a sign of criminal or seedy elements of society, being favourites of Hells Angels and Heavy Metal fans.

8. Famous Michael Jackson's Jackets are Thriller's red leather jacket with its zippered details and Bad black leather jacket.

Choose any retro style and add a little bit of the Rock'n'roll chic to your vintage wardrobe!

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