Vintage London Sale Exhibition in Chelsea

Vintage London 1

One of the best vintage London events of a season is Frock Me Vintage Fashion Fair. On 31 October (Halloween) beautiful retro clothing, accessories, fabric was exhibited and sold in Chelsea Town Hall on King's Road.

Beautiful place for beautiful clothing. Vintage Fashion really works here!

Vintage London 1

Even Changing rooms are beautifully unique!

Vintage London 1

Stylish romanic girls as always on vintage London events

Vintage London 7

Vintage London 15

There were a lot of fur this time

Vintage London 9

Vintage London 5

Different hats for any style or colour preference:

Vintage London 8

Vintage London 16

Huge variety of vintage jackets, coats, dresses and other items:

Vintage London 10

Left hand side &mdash for girls, right &mdash for boys.

Vintage London 13

Mountains of accessories and jewellery boxes. A few words regarding the prices: Art Deco earrings were £9, green recycled glass necklace was £20.

Vintage London 7

Jewellery box full of jewellery approximately £65

Vintage London 17

Nice and friendly sales ladies as always! Next Vintage Frock Me exhibition going to be 13 February!

Vintage London 6

See you there and Good Luck!

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