Vintage Louis Vuitton Backpack. Is it real?

I have a vintage Louis Vitton mini backpack. I have checked the numbers in it and it matchs what all the other sights say it should be. I have checked the stitching, the color of the interior, the logo etc, and they all check out. I have had it looked at by others that have been around LV items and they say its real. The thing that bothers me is, the louis vitton mini backpacks I see on ebay seem to have a tan leather bottoms on them. A kind of reinforcement if you will. Mine does not have that tan leather bottom on it. It has the regular LV material on the bottom. It does have the tan ring around the bottom though. I plan on selling the bag but I want to try to verify its authenticy before I do.

VFC: Hi there,

As you obviously know it's always hard to spot fake LV products, purely because there are sooo many unauthentic items out there that many people say that if you have a tiny little doubt about it than it's definitely a fake.

Well, we are more postive and we know that vintage LV products do exist on the market, and there are definitely mot so many Vintage LV fakes than contemporary Louis Vuitton unauthentic products.

Regarding your doubts, there is no need to worry about the canvas bottom. There have been many LV lines with the canvas bottom.
It's hard to tell though without seeing any pictures.

Please check our

Authentic Vintage Louis Vuitton Guide

To give you more tips:

In regards to LV Backpacks what you need to check are also:

1. Examine authentic Louis Vuitton Backpack in the shops or online

2. It should be a single, unbroken line, top-stitched. Stitching should be consistent at all the parts of the items (bottom, packs, etc.)

3. Examine the bottom of the bag and hidden areas like the pockets to make sure the stitching is consistent.

4. Backpack's actual material is made from a cotton-coated canvas

5. The straps are made of genuine cowhide,they should be of even length.

6. Hardware is always a polished brass.

Hope it helps.

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Feb 19, 2012
Is my Louis Vuitton Backpack Real
by: Anonymous

Here are some photos of the backpack in question. Maybe this will help you determine the authenticity of it. I have more photos but the sight won't let me add more.

Feb 15, 2012
Is my Louis Vuitton Backpack Real
by: Anonymous

--Hi, I submitted a question about my Louis Vuitton backpack. The information you gave me was helpful but you said you would need photos. Here are some photos of the bag in question.

-- I have tried to send you photos of the bag in question. If you have received multiple versions of this message, just disregard the bad ones and post the good ones. I will try to send the photos to you again. Though I don't know if they are going through or not. I have not received any verification of them going through. hence the multiple messages. Sorry.

VFC: Hi there,

You can submit pictures through

Submission Form

Alternatively you can email it to me:

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