Vintage Luggage

Nice leather vintage luggage suitcase with metal corners and rivets all along the canvas is so much more than just an old vintage bag. It's more than just a luggage as well. It was made, and often hand-made, with great care to travel in so much less comfortable conditions than today. So, you can imagine the quality and mightiness of those things!

Vintage Luggage

Although vintage luggage usually doesn't have wheels, the coded locks and zippers, it is different from the today’s functional and comfortable luggage but being not that comfortable as a travelling bag it's though functional in a different way:

  • when you are decorating your home for a vintage party you can use it as a chair, or as a night table if you want to ad more pizzazz to your lounge interior;
  • it's a stunning detail for your retro style photo session: stylish and very useful;
  • it's still a gorgeous completion to your vintage summer holiday look;
  • and finally, it's just a very beautiful thing to look at!

What do you think about when you see the vintage polka dot luggage bag?

About packing your vintage swimsuit, sun parasol, beach towel, straw hat and couple of silk vintage gowns into your vintage suitcase of brown leather, fasten the buckles, lock it properly and go traveling around the Europe for the whole summer thinking about nothing but roads, beaches, parties, making new friends and having everything you need in your vintage suitcase &mdash that's what you might think about…

Vintage luggage to Nice

… or you might think: 'Where can I buy it…?

Well, that's what vintage markets are for &mdash the best place for vintage luggage shopping.

Prices are very different there. For example on London Vintage Market in Shoreditch a vintage suitcase costs £40 &mdash £100, a similar one on the Portobello market will cost you £150 &mdash £300.

If you are looking for designers brands, vintage shops are better than markets. I've personally seen vintage Louis Vuitton luggage bag in Absolute Vintage (15 Hanbury St, Spitalfields, London E1 6QR) in a very good condition and as new for £230. It was still too expensive for me and I didn't buy it.

And the best place for vintage designers' luggage bags is on-line. It's easy to find a specific brand, colour and size and it's usually cheaper.

And the best web sites for retro suitcases are:

Beautiful vintage Louis Vuitton and Prada luggage bags are on Vintage laguage website , suitcases and trunks on this site are

  • excellent quality
  • best designers brands
  • unique original items

though you can't just buy the luggage you want there, there is even no prices on the web site, you need to order it from them.

But just for you to have an idea how much those those beautiful vintage masterpieces can cost here are some prices:

Louis Vuitton Cabin Trunk &mdash $21800 AUD (approx. £7500)
Prada Wardrobe &mdash $35000 AUD (approx. £11800)

If you are looking for 'value for money' try this on-line store: London vintage luggage web site is one more great site, they sell vintage suitcases, hat boxes and jewellery boxes, and you can see the prices to compare and you can buy any luggage you like.

And of course e-bay is great as always for vintage luggage shopping.

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Can someone help me! I don't know what year my riverea new York bag is from! And I don't know how much it is worth! Help!

Antique Louis Vuitton for sale Not rated yet
I have an antique Louis Vuitton trunk for sale. The trunk is from early 1900's it has a certificate from the Louis Vuitton Company about its origin. …

How about older bags (older than 1980)? Did they have codes? Not rated yet
How about older bags (older than 1980)? Did they have codes?

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