Vintage LV Briefcase

by Katrina Blackmore
(San Francisco, CA)




Hi, my aunt got this years ago and has given it to me to sell but I don't know where to go or if it's real. She was told it was...

I found a website with a photo of one that looks exactly like this which gives specifications:

I'll also send pictures of the one I have. Could you please tell me what it may be worth and where I can take it to sell the piece for a fair price?

Thank you very much

Katrina Blackmore

Dear Katrina,

I'm sorry to give you the bad news, but your briefcase is not Original Louis Vuitton.

1. First of all if you look at Pic.1 you can notice that LV initials and LV motif is not 100% symmetrical. you can see it more clear on Pic.2: LV is not centered in relation to the leather label.

2. Also on Pic.2 you can see the text Louis Vuitton very clearly. Well, LV have never used a font like this. That's how it should look like:
You see? the font is completely different.

3. Lining is not LV original lining. (Pic.4)

4. Please see more tips here: Vintage Louis Vuitton Authentic Guide

Hope it helps.

Please feel free to come back any time.


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Jan 01, 2018
Louis Vuitton NEW
by: Anonymous

I have some pieces that I also don’t know if they are real or not how can I send you pictures?

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