by Tula
(Toronto, Canada)


I've just received a vintage LV Speedy bag as a gift. My initial thought was FAKE because there is no little square leather label on the inside, w/ embossed writing of "Louis Vuitton.... Made in..."

Reading a bit online about authenticating vintage bags, I cannot find ANYTHING that references the importance of a label inside. What I have found is information on the date of production. According to one website (Fashionably Yours), in the late 1980s, LV bags had a discreetly placed date/production code embossed somewhere on the bag.

I have discovered this on the leather piece from the handle inside my new bag "873 VI"

It was purchased in Madrid in 1988, so it would make sense that it was made in 1987. "VI" apparently indicates anything made in France.

The ONLY place that says "LOUIS VUITTON PARIS MADE IN FRANCE" is on the lock.

The zipper is eclair.

The stitching is yellow.

The handles have turned dark.

The LV is upside down on the back and rightside up on the front (clearly made of one piece of leather).

The inner fabric is a grey/brown (when I googled "greyish mushroom colour", a few things in light brown came up! I'm assuming that is the same colour, then?)

The leather is in GREAT condition... no cracks. Only the hardware gives away it's age (being tarnished).

What do you think?

Thanks for your time!

Hi Tula,

we are really impressed here, you've done a really great job yourself researching your bag's authentication.

I don't think there is more we can ad to the investigation you've already done here. It's really more what you can judge by attentively looking, touching, even smelling your bag, than us never seen it... Trust yourself!

As for the little square leather label on the inside, don't focus too much on it. If everything else is spotless to you, there actually may be 1000 reasons why the label is not there.

Lena x

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