Top 5 Styles of Vintage Pearl Jewellery,
and How to Maintain Them.

Should vintage pearl jewellery be yellowish?

To be honest, I personally love this yellowish shade of the old pearls, but I know not everyone does. They consider this yellow colour to be a sign of a bad pearl quality or even fake pearls.

So to understand why the old pearls become yellowish, we need to remember the nature of this material, it's organic.

Vintage pearl jewellery 1

When you wear pearls, they absorb oils from your skin, it's a kind When you wear pearls, they absorb oils from your skin, it's a kind of nutritious process, and when they are nourished they stay white and shiny.

It's only when you store them in a dry palace and don't wear them for ages that they become yellowish.

Whether you prefer yellowish pearls or white ones, they all make this chik vintage look.

Vintage pearl jewellery are perfect for many different styles:

1. Long pearl beading will look great on a casual tee shirt or a cotton white shirt together with your favourite jeans.

2. Coco Chanel style multi layered pearls looks great and stylish on your knitted top or a puff blouse.

3. Big fake pearl brooches and necklaces are invented by Chanel as well.

Vintage pearl jewellery big

4. Princess Diana 1990s long pearl necklace tighten in the middle and laying on your back is very sexy.

Vintage pearl jewellery 3

5. Classic mid length vintage pearl beading is always classy and beautiful for an evening dress.

Vintage pearl jewellery maintenance

  • If you have a vintage pearl necklace which is white it means that it's been worn at least once a month during all its long vintage life.

    To keep it white, just wear it regularly.

  • Vintage pearl jewellery 2

  • Don't spray your perfume on the pearls because it damages them.
  • If you happen to spray on them accidentally with perfume or deodorant, just wash your pearls gently in warm water and keep wearing them.

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