How to Wear Vintage Prom Dresses

What can be more important for your night out than a beautiful dress, a dress that makes you look gorgeous and feel satisfied and happy.

Vintage Prom Dress

Vintage prom dresses have become very popular nowadays. Celebrities wear them even on the red carpet. And no surprise here: retro dresses are usually good quality, unique model and relatively good price.

Tips how to wear vintage prom dresses

1. Find your perfect dress

To begin with, your prom dress (no matter vintage or contemporary one) should fit you perfectly. No excuses for big brands or your favourite decade (colour, length, etc.) Remember Chanel's wisdom: “Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.”

2. Fix the old dress

If your vintage dress has been lovingly worn for quite a while, fix it before you wear your beautiful dress. If the buttons are too old and scratchy — replace them with the new ones.

It might be worth letting professionals fix or clean your dress, especially if it is a collectible item or if it's just your favourite beautiful dress.

In fact, if you have a real collectible and don't wont to lose its value after restoration or cleaning, bring it to a vintage service professionals like Madame Paulette, for example.

They will take care of your treasure and make sure it will be properly stored and maintained.

3. Retro Prom Dress + Shoes

No matter what, whether your dress is long or short, your shoes have to be heels. If you really struggle to wear high heels, then try to find a comfy pair of smart shoes not so high, but make sure your actual heels are smart and elegant (preferably thin) even if they are only 1inch (2,5cm) high.

So, we have sorted out the shoes shape for your dress. Now there is always a dilemma: to put on your gorgeous vintage shoes to your vintage dress or a pair of smart contemporary shoes?

Well, it depends.

If you want to freshen your vintage dress, brand new shoes work great. On the other hand, in order to dramatise romantic retro dress, it might be a good idea to wear matching pair of vintage shoes. Furthermore, if you want to emphasise a particular epoch, it will be a good idea to put on shoes from the same vintage decade.

More info see article about Vintage Shoes

4. Vintage Prom Dress + Bag

A clutch bag always looks best with any evening dress. Shoulder bags on the other hand can ruin the silhouette of a long dress.

Although a beautiful small chain bag will look great with a slim short dress.

What never looks good though is a big bag for your evening dress.

5. Prom Dress + Jewellery

The golden rule: the more formal occasion you are going to wear your dress, the more expensive the jewellery.

6. Vintage Prom Dress +Hairstyle

You'll definitely stress your retro idea more and emphasis your dress if you choose a retro hairdo.

And try to be consistent. If it is a 40s dress, match your hairstyle to reflect the same decade.

7. You in the Dress

And last but not the least:

Do like yourself in your vintage dress. Feel it with your body, feel how it touches your skin, enjoy wearing it. And wear your vintage prom dress with dignity.

Be proud of yourself, be confident and feel comfortable. Enjoy your night out!

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