Vintage Scarves Review. Top 10 Scarves and Shawls from the Last Century

'What a big deal… those vintage scarves? Retro scarf is so simple, just a strip of fabric…'

But it is a big deal. This small and simple accessory completes your style, freshens your face, and sometimes, you know, you need to hide last night’s french kisses on your neck...

Vintage Scarves

Scarves and shawls from the past are usually made of natural organic fabric.

1. Some of them are decorated with beads, stones or applications;

2. Some retro scarves have fringes;

3. Some of them have different shapes: square and triangle, for example;

4. Or even have the whole on one side designed so that one end of the scarf could be tighten into another;

5. Tube is another unusual and very stylish shape of a vintage scarf;

6. Knitted long striped hippie scarves are very bright and picturesque.

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7. Lace scarves from the 1920s are very romantic.

For more information please visit 1920s Fashion;

8. Chic chiffon scarves the 1940s are extremely glamorous.

For more information please visit 1940s Fashion;

9. The most expensive and luxurious are fur scarves from the 1940s. Some 40s scarves have those exotic animal heads as a part of the design;

10. Fake fur scarves are from the 1980s. Still very beautiful, and yet much more ethical (and cheaper of course).

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Tragic Celebrity among the vintage shawls and scarves

One of the most famous vintage scarves is Isadora Duncan's long scarf, that was her killer, and a tragic sign of the end of 1920s fashion epoch.

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