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by Abriani Velroa

Hello I hope you are well. Also wishing you a very happy new year.

We have a total inventory of five-thousand (5,000) 1950 and 1960’s shoes, 99% of which are hand-made in Italy. These shoes have never been worn; the majority is not in the original box, as the box do not reach market expectancy.

Also due to slight damage to the leather or materials use in the elaboration of the shoes. It is my opinion that out of this inventory, thousands of them will have to be declared as “damaged” due to the above-mentioned reasons. Also about 900 shoes will have small damages that will prevent immediate sales.

Taking that into consideration, the number of shoes available for sale will be approximately 3,100 shoes and approximately 1,000 shoes will
be in their original boxes (boxes are not in total perfect condition), sought after by shoe collectors.

The inventory consists of shoes for men, women, girl, boy, and kids.

As I am sure you are aware, having an inventory of shoes circa 1950’s 1960’s of this large and in excellent condition is quite impossible. And creates a sensational news around the fashion industry.

Brands we are:
Godiva, Omega Calzaturificio, Gigi, Rapallo, Lavinia, Styleworth, Nouva Bober, Apice, S.A.I.M.E.C, Veplim, Miss Marry, Masaseri , Gader, Martino Primero, L Italia, BOLOGNA, Egan Classic etc. — 180 styles in total.

The problem is that I don’t know what to do next. I need some help! In prices, and how to sale them etc.

I come across you site and feel compel in contacting you.

Best regards
Abriani Velroa

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