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Vintage shoes are not easy things to shop for. You not only need to have an excellent taste and an outstanding knowledge of vintage footwear and where to find the good vintage stuff, but you also need a little bit of luck to come across a relatively new pair of retro shoes. And one more difficulty to that: don’t mix the sizes up.

Good news &mdash we at Vintage Fashion Club will help you the sizes and advise great vintage shops, and plenty of other useful tips here.

Vintage Shoes

The award will be worth the effort:

A gorgeous pair of vintage footwear in your wardrobe. A unique pair of shoes, one you and only you possess. And you know what, retro shoes shopping becomes easy and fun if you know how to find a good vintage store and how to translate vintage sizes. Relax in one moment, you will know how to make your vintage shoes hunting easy and successful!

It goes without saying that you have an excellent taste!

Excellent taste

That’s not because I’m flattering you, it’s just a matter of fact because, of course your taste, your preferences, the choices you make, are the best for you because they are yours and they are unique, they make this world various and beautiful in that variety.

Useful knowledge

Now that we know that you have an excellent taste, you need some useful knowledge on what are the best representative of retro shoes, of each decade and each vintage trend.

Here comes the knowledge: the most known and recognised shoes from the past are:

  • Mary Jane vintage shoes from 1920s;
  • Oxford shoes; peep toe shoes from 30s, which showed just the tiniest bit of a woman's toenails;
  • Stiletto shoes 50s;
  • Moccasins and colored moccasins from 1960s;
  • Go-Go boots are from1960;
  • 70s huge platform shoes;
  • 80s bright coloured shoes with bows;
  • and oxblood loafers from 80s as well;
  • Jelly shoes from 80s.
If you want to find out more about the interesting facts of the shoes history, and how the vintage footwear of each decade looked like, you can have a look on History of Shoes aticle and become an expert.Now when you are fully loaded with the knowledge, you can be your own expert and don’t need any advisers, shop assistants and clever girlfriends to ask!

Let’s sort out the retro footwear sizes

Usually, the sizes you can measure are one to one and a half sizes up.

And finally, let’s learn where the best places are for vintage footwear shopping.

The best places for vintage footwear shopping are:

Vintage shops, auctions, markets, charity shops, second hand markets and the Internet. This is an on-line vintage shop that sells un-used, never worn, vintage shoes for women and men that usually are pretty hard to find: Re-Mix Vintage Shoes Shoe Classics for vintage training shoes.

If you fell in love with a second hand pair of shoes

Don’t forget that most of the vintage shoes have been worn before. Much of the vintage stuff have been as well, but while a second hand cardigan can be washed properly or dry cleaned, a pair of leather shoes can’t be washed in a washing machine. So be careful when you are choosing a second hand pair. Try to find a relatively new pair, and have the strength to say no to gorgeous footwear in your size but that is very old , have been worn for years, and have lost its shape. It wouldn’t be the best choice, so save yourself from disappointment. There are some things which can’t be revived!

Vintage shoes disinfection

And one more thing a vintage lover should be aware of: disinfect your retro shoes even if they look like brand new. So maybe someone just tried them 20 years ago and never wore them again (oh lucky you!) disinfect them still.

Here is how:

Pour 1/2 bottle of spirit onto your shoes and let it sit for 5 minutes. It will kill the bacteria. Rubbing alcohol works good as well, though be careful as it still contains water which can slightly damage leather. However, it may not kill fungus. If you suspect fungus, try using very strong bleach. But do it very carefully and only do the inside of the shoes, mainly insole, as bleach may damage many kinds of materials, including leather and colour as well. Glue can be also damaged so try to do the surfaces, not the glued cracks.

It goes without saying, do not buy shoes that have an unpleasant odour.

If you are concerned that the shoes you are buying are quite new , you can simply spray thoroughly inside the shoes with any kind of antibacterial spray, such as Lysol or Clorox. Any brand works great.

No way you buy a pair of OLD shoes?

If you are not a person who can buy for yourself an old pair of shoes, or if you want to make a present for your friend who is a vintage shoes lover, you can find something for yourself among the vintage inspired shoes. There can even be replicas of your desired vintage ones, so it is always worth looking.

Vintage masterpieces are there for you. Just keep an eye out, have some fun going vintage shopping and expand your wardrobe with one more pair of shoes matching your dress, and your eyes and your sincere impulse.

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