Vintage Shops Investigation in London

Columbia Road: flowers, spring and vintage shops mood

A great stylish place I discovered recently in London is a legendary flower market on Columbia road. I went there just to look at the lovely flowers and probably meet the queen… Well, a foreigner fantasy of course, but people say, her majesty loves this market and visits it from time to time. The April weather was great in London (unlike this horrible May so far, fingers are crossed, it will get better soon).

What I found there was absolutely unexpectedly retro fashionable! Everything you could possibly fall in love with was there. All these vintage shops, young fashion designers boutiques, little organic cafes, tiny independent art galleries…


…and of course these beautiful fresh plants were everywere… amazing.

Then I opened this one:


I wanted to stay and live there… honestly. There were two girls incredibly talented designers and their lovely assistant who run the shop. And what they did was incredible. They rebuilded vintage clothing, created new things out of absolutely unexpected materials, they experimented, and it was obvious that hay love and enjoy what they did. Their creations was telling the stories, they were lirerary pieces of art.


It looked like they just had fun, and all the beauty in their shop came out as a side effect. But this side effect was worth seeing, touching and just being around. Their designs and ideas inspired. They all were so simple... so great.I left the shop full of new desires, wishes to create things, to cary on my own projects... to start a couple of new ones…

I honestly wish the girls all the very best in their creative business and hope to visit their Welsh style vintage shop again shortly.

I haven't met Her Majesty this day but I found much more… and actually I met Queenie...


Here she is with gorgeous red hair… and together with her lovely companion Ted they are the great designers who are running this boutique/studio creating new beautiful masterpieces out of vintage garments just right there on the first floor.


The emphasis is made on the tweed jackets, very British and very crafty cute. The jackets as well as dresses and other gorgeous items in the shops are embroider, remade, redesigned…


I just absolutely love the idea.


They also sell anormous amount of different accessories.

The shop is amazing. Strongly recommended for every vintage shops lover.

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