Welcome to the Most Vintage Area in London… Vintage Shoreditch

I If you decide to spend Sunday afternoon on shopping vintage, Shoreditch markets can satisfy you by really exciting retro stuff…

So let's start from the very beginning… For the vintage Shoreditch shopping, the Liverpool street station is the best beginning. Honestly, maybe I'm stupid, but if I start my trip from Aldgate or Old Street I'm always lost. So if you don't want to waste your time wondering around, and if you are not sure about your navigation skills, follow my advice - start your vintage shopping from Liverpool Street Station.

Shoreditch vinatage guys

From the Liverpool station, go along the Brushfield street up to the Old Spitalfields Market. Straight away you will notice stylish vintage guys and girls. They carry their shopping bags full of stylish clothing so that they could keep on creating their unique Shoreditch styles… they drink coffee and smoke cigarettes (or whatever they want to smoke), they talk to each other or dramatically keep silent… they are young and beautiful… Shoreditch guys and girls...

Shoreditch vinatage 4 guys

Old Spitalfields Market

Than after you feel the atmosphere, pop into the Old Spitalfields Market. There is really a lot of vintage stuff there: huge boxes full of scarves (from £3), vintage glasses' frames including gorgeous cat-eye frames (from £50), vintage dresses, redesigned and remade vintage jackets and coats with beautiful flowery lining (from £50).

What I mean by redesigned and remade is that the designer takes the old vintage garment and completely remake it. With those jackets for instance, he changed the length of some sleeves, on some of the jackets he remade the collars, and on all of them he put the new flowery lining.

Many other beautiful things you will find on Old Spitalfields Market such as vintage and handcrafted accessories: hats, bands, feather pins for hair, bags and so and so on.

Vintage Shoreditch Suitcase

A lot of cafes and take-away tents with exotic food, fancy teacakes, cheese, chocolate, pastries etc. etc.

And even more beautiful people…

Vintage Shoreditch Girle

It's easy to spend the whole day on Old Spitalfields Market, although don't! You still have more vintage shops, Sunday Up Vintage Market and the whole vintage world of Brick Lane…

Shoreditch vintage shops

Vintage Shoreditch shops are very pretty and well designed, they are great for couple of new retro frocks or vintage bags and they are just nice places to get an inspiration from.

Vintage Shoreditch Shop Boy

In this shop, a vintage-boy mannequin is at the same time a door stop as well...

Sunday Up Market

One of the cheapest vintage market in London as far as I've learned is this one. And a variety of vintage goods is enormous as well. I personally love fur-coats on this market. This Sunday, I tried gorgeous white short mink fur jacket from 1960s, never worn £250 (but he was going to bargain).

Brick Lane

From the Sunday Up Market you can walk directly to the Brick Lane. It's one of London's iconic street.

Vinatge Shoreditch Street

Shops, clubs, bars, restaurants are truly extraordinary on Vintage Shoreditch, people sell their goods straight on the floor, and you can find some really great things there, but don't be mislead, I saw a last season Primark bag there for £12 (in Primark you could buy it for £4).

From the Brick Lane you can get on the Old Street market, vintage books, magazines for as cheap as £1-£2 can be found there, paintings, installations and so on, it's a very artistic place.

Vintage SHoreditch Street Corner

Old Street Market's corner

And there is one more shop I came across on Sunday, Pop Up Wink… They sell vintage designer's clothing. I saw Balensiaga, Missoni, Moschino, Dolce & Gabanna etc. Prices are not bad at all: Missoni top £20, Moschino Jacket £50. They also sell vintage collectible sunglasses: and they are real masterpieces, I personally loved beautiful Ray Ban aviator glasses with handles covered with brown leather for £250.

Good luck with your vintage Shoreditch shopping. If you are there once, you will definitely want to come back.

Vintage Shoreditch 4 Girls

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