Vintage Style Clothing VS True Vintage

Vintage style clothing (or vintage inspired) &mdash is a clothing that been produced nowadays, though its look reminds or even completely reflects the model from the 1920s &mdash 1980s.

Vintage Style Fashion

The advantages of vintage inspired clothing are obvious:

  • all the garments are new &mdash not second hand;
  • no need for the size translations, variety of sizes;
  • new vintage inspired high street garments are usually cheaper than exclusive vintage models even if they look completely the same;
  • modern fabrics are more easy to wash and maintain;
  • the most popular vintage replicas are often more easy to find in high street shops than in vintage stores;
  • in those rare occasions when you need more than one copy of the same vintage garments or pair of shoes or accessories &mdash it’s almost impossible to find, though if they are vintage inspired items from the high street shops we are talking about &mdash just name the amount &mdash the shop assistant can even order them for you from a warehouse, which would be completely impossible for vintage items, they are often one of a kind.

Now, if you are not that much concerned about the historical vintage meaning of the item, the text on the labels, the age of the fabric, the life story of the garment and more concerned about how comfortable you feel in it, how good you look in it, how much it costs at last! then why not to go for vintage inspired clothing?


Where to find?

There are a lot of vintage inspired clothing shops. The best on-line shops:

Miss Selfridges even has a vintage department in their online shop.


Some shops even have the names reflecting the past decades:

  • Miss Sixty (read ‘lady Sixty’ or ‘pine for, yearn for, ache for Sixty’)
  • New Look (romantic, cartoony 1950s fashion started from Cristian Dior)
  • Mode (end of 1940s &mdash 1950s London fashion movement)

Those movements that were taken as names are actually very noticeable. For more information about different movements and the best representatives of each vintage epoch and each movement please see 20th Century Fashion

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