Vintage Sun Glasses
Top 10 Shapes of the Retro Shades

What can make the most of your style in summer — are the vintage sun glasses. You may have classy or casual everyday look, but one bright emphasise can change it from normal to extravagant, from just nice to super-fashion.

Vintage Oversized Sun Glasses

You may posses one pair just for fun to put them on for a Saturday's meeting with friends just in order to make them smile, or you may have tons of vintage sun glasses for different occasions, different apparel and different decade style.

They will never go out of fashion anymore (because they have already gone long time ago, long enough to finally come back). Secondly, they don’t have to be Prada or Chanel or anyone else to look cool — they are vintage sun glasses — who cares! Thirdly, even vintage Prada can be cheap, and cool and sexy at the same time!

But to choose the right sun glasses for yourself and to be satisfied with your choice, it’s always handy to know exactly what you are looking for — you hardly need to buy past season square sunglasses and be disappointed with this cheesy look — past season is not vintage unfortunately. And you definitely don’t want to buy the sun glasses so old that they don’t even have the UV filter.

The good news is that it’s very easy to choose the right vintage pair of sun-glasses. You just need to be aware of those types and styles and choose the best for yourself!

1. Onassis Vintage Sun Glasses or "Jackie O's"

They are big oval sun glasses with wide plastic frame. They are named in honour of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, she first wore them in 1960s and many women liked them so much that it became a 60s trend.

Vintage Jackie O Sun Glasses

Original vintage Jackie O’s and their modern interpretation are very popular now. The difference is mainly in the shape. If you want vintage — wide oval shape is what you need.

Paris Hilton wear a pair of the oversized glasses, some call them Jacky O’s, though the Paris Hilton’s sun glasses’ shape is slightly different from what is known as Jacky O’s. But the idea of the oversized glasses are hugely popular among the celebrities, no surprise here, they are hiding much of their faces them from paparazzi.

2. Huge oversized sun glasses

Huge vintage sun glasses came from 1970s. Elton John wore them on stage in the 1970s as part of his Captain Fantastic show. Stupid giant vintage sun glasses make our family photo albums and home videos even more ridiculous than it could be. We love those huge sun glasses, though, they can make your vintage party enter the next level of fun.

They usually come in different colours and shapes. And the best part is that you can buy them very cheap.

3. Vintage Shutter Shades

came from 1980s they were designed by Alain Mikli. They are very bright, come in different colours and styles. Instead of having lenses they have shutter motif, which is part of the frame. They are suitable for both men and women. They are very Pop and vintage shutter shades can add a little bit of bright 80s disco to your look.

There are lots of vintage style Shutter Shades nowadays so if you prefer to have a pair or two of those you can buy them in almost any high-street shop.

4. Vintage round sung lasses or Teashades

Those vintage sun glasses also known as ‘John Lennon glasses’ or Ozzy Glasses’, they were very popular in the 1960's, but the round shape came from 1920s eyewear, in 1960s though round sun glasses gain a new meaning.

Vintage 'Teashades' were worn to hide the effects of marijuana (conjunctival injection) or 'bloodshot' eyes or the effects of opiates such as heroin (pupillary constriction). So they became a type of psychedelic art wire-rim sun glasses. Usually worn for purely aesthetic reasons by members of the 1960s drug counterculture, as well as by opponents of segregation.

Rock stars such a Mick Jagger, Roger Daltrey, John Lennon, Jerry Garcia, Liam Gallagher and Ozzy Osbourne, all wore round sunglasses.

The original vintage teashade design is made up of medium-sized, perfectly round lenses, supported by pads on the bridge of the nose and a thin wire frame. Though you can find different versions of the design: lenses can be elaborately colored, mirrored, and degregated, produced in excessively large sizes, and with the wire earpieces exaggerated.

It looks like they are making a comeback with recent paparazzi photos of famous actresses and musicians sporting the teashade frames.

Teashades are hard to find in shops today; however, they can still be found at many vintage websites and vintage shops.

5. Vintage Aviator-style sun glasses

The vintage Aviator design was introduced in 1936 specifically for U.S. military pilots and was not made available to the public until a few years later. In 1986 Tom Cruise popularised Aviators as ace pilot Maverick in the movie Top Gun.

In addition to pilots, Aviator sun glasses became popular among young people in the late 1960s and continue to be popular, with only a brief fall in demand during the 1990s.

Vintage aviators may have the same shape and look as the modern ones. That’s why you may want to buy a pair of retro sun glasses ether to have an exact model of past century, a replica of the model you saw in 60s or 80s film or you want to have designers Aviators really cheap.

6. Vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Created in 1952, Ray-Ban's Wayfarer for pilots, Wayfarers quickly became popular amongst Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. You might remember those ones on Audrey Hepburn in 1961 in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's and on Tom Cruise in the 1983 in Risky Business.

Today the Wayfarer is a popular model of sun glasses again. So you might find them easily vintage ones vintage-style.

7. Wraparounds

Wraparounds are a specific design of sun glasses. They are characterised by a single, smooth, semi-circular lens that covers both eyes and much of the same area of the face covered by protective goggles. The lens is usually combined with a minimal plastic frame and single piece of plastic serving as a nosepiece.

8. Vintage cat-eye sun glasses

The most romantic from all the vintage sun glasses. Vintage cat-eye sun glasses are mainly for women. Those sun glasses are thick-rimmed with the arms joining the lenses at the very top corners.

Vintage Sun Glasses

Cat-eye shapes were mainly popular in the 1950s and 1960s among fashionable women.

Audrey Hepburn wore them in the Breakfast at Tiffany's, Marilyn Monroe and Dame Edna contributed to the success and popularity of the cat-eye sun glasses.

Today, you can buy both real retro cat-eye sun glasses or vintage inspired replicas. For a great deal less money, you can buy retro eye glasses and replicas online.

Be aware of the difference between retro and modern ones though. It’s very simple: the points at the top edges of the rial vintage cat-eye glasses from 1950s and 1960s are very strong, and often include little decorations at the corners. Today's cat eye frames are usually much more subtle.

9. EMO Vintage Sun Glasses

EMO stile has its name from Emotional, colour gamma is usually black and pink. EMO glasses are usually glasses with thick black frame.

10. Nerd Glasses

Nerd Glasses were known also as Woody Allen.

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