Vintage Tee Shirts which Add Style and Chic to Your Retro Wardrobe…

Vintage tee shirts are indeed must-haves for any vintage fan.

They match any jeans and jackets perfectly, they reflect your personality and emphasise your mood, your way of thinking, your free spirit!

Vintage Tee Shirts

Cartoon tee shirts

Cartoon tees are trendy today. They are 'must-haves' this Autumn. There are a lot of them this season: tee shirts with Bamby and Mickey and so on. I personally saw a gorgeous Alice-in-Wonderlend-Rabbit tee shirt in Bershka the other day. Mango's summer collection is very good for the cartoon tee shirts. But no contemporary tee shirt can be compered with a vintage one…

Vintage cartoon tee shirts are a pleasure to wear. Look at those Disney old tees, they are of the same age with the good old Disney cartoons. Arty and stylish, cute and familiar at the same time.

Real genuine Disney vintage tee shirts usually have slogans on the back, and always-always have an inside collar Disney branding. So pay attention on those details and don't be mislead when go shopping.

Musical tee shirts

An Old rock'n'roll tee shirt with your favourite band or the name of the album always looks cool for your night out.

I am personally going to make a vintage present to the one I love: Black Sabbath retro tee-shirt. I know he would love to have his favourite band's tee short produced the same year as 'Paranoid'.

Rude Jokes Vintage tee shirts

The best way to outrage your friends, just make a joke for the party, to pay attention on yourself, to make a statement or to make new likeminded friends is to put on your vintage tee shirt with a joke on your chest.

Although being a nice polite girl it was shocking and really funny when I put on my 'as-seen-in-porn' tee shirt. It had a 'wow' effect during one of the parties. Don't practice it too often though, especially if it's not really your style.

Although I wouldn't recommend to try it with the relatives, I've tried, honestly, it's been an awful experience.

Very-very old tee shirts

When you put on your posh new jacket, your designer's shoes, your favourite suede bag, you look very luxurious and cool, but mix all this with an old ripped vintage tee shirt and you would look magnificently chic, you will look as a real celebrity!

Why? I think an old tee short shows your independence, your personal style and free-spirit. It's always fresh and cool.

Sport tee shirts

Famous Olympic tee shirts from the past are great collectibles. They reflect the fashion of the time, and the trends of each country.

So strongly recommended to find your old tee-short from 1970s, 1960s or another decade, wash it properly (or dry clean if it's a really old one or if it's the one you had put on during your painting classes) or buy one from a vintage store and it's going to be a good detail in your vintage wardrobe.

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