Vintage Turquoise Jewellery. Ideas, Tips and Advices

Vintage turquoise jewellery is very different depending on the decade they were designed. They can be in bronze, gold, but the most common metal for Turquoise Jewellery is silver.

Turquoise jewellery is very beautiful in Art Deco style. Chunky 60s and 70s pieces are also interesting and nice.

Vintage Turquoise Jewellery

Retro turquoise jewellery gift ideas:

Retro turquoise jewellery is a great present when given with a loving heart to someone you care about. Turquoise is a spiritual and a healing stone.

For those who were born in December turquoise brings prosperity, good fortune, success and happiness.

Turquoise is a gemstone traditionally associated with the 11th wedding anniversary, so it might be a relevant present for your friends, family or your own 11th anniversary.

Wearing turquoise is believed to help with asthma and depression, alleviate pain and has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect.

How do you value turquoise jewellery of the 20th century

  • By its hardness
  • By the depth of the colour of the stone
  • Black veins running through the turquoise called 'spiderweb matrix'.

It's valued in Far East and the Southwest United States, but in the other parts of the world vintage pure turquoise valued more.

Vintage turquoise jewellery maintenance

Don't expose your turquoise jewellery to perfume, hairspray or cosmetics, it will damage the surface of the gemstone.

After wearing your vintage jewellery, when you take it off, clean your turquoise gently with a soft cloth and put them in a box on their own, so that harder jewellery don't damage your turquoise.

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