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Here they are: Best Vintage Wedding Dresses

Let's start with the European vintage wedding dresses from 1920s:


1. A 1927 wedding joins members of the French and Italian royal families. The brides simple wedding dress is short and cut on the hip, following the style of the day. A long train with scalloped or pearl-trimmed edges is typical of 1927 bridalwear, and the veil may have been pinned to the hair under wax flowers. Dresses were often pale pink or cream.


2. Another famous retro wedding dress which inspires wedding couturiers even now is Chirchil's Wedding Dress. Clarissa Churchill marries the future British Prime Minister Sir Antony Eden in 1921. Head dressed were wired shape. Satin shoes and pearl detailing usually completed brides outfit.

Movie stars' vintage wedding dresses


3. Norm Sherer marries Irvin Thalberg, the Associate Executive of her studio, in October 1927. She choose romantic dress with skirts and frothy tulle for her wedding. The uneven hem reflects the daywear trend of the late Twenties. Shearer was renowned for her smooth bias-cut dress and sporty tennis whites.


4. The wedding of Laurence Olivier and Jill Esmond Moore, Olivier's first wife, in 1930. Her romantic dress with its neat, circular neckline is elegant and simple compared with the fussy Victorian-style dress of the woman on the left.


5. The Duke of Windsor marries Mrs Simpson in 1937. Her blue crepe wedding dress and trousseau were made by Mainbocher, who, after working as editor-in-chief at French Vogue, went on to open a successful couture house in Paris. The elegant cut of her jacket with its ruches panel, ending on an Empire line seam, was mimicked for the daywear of the late Thirtieth. Her headdress would have been wired to stay up, and is reminiscent of the Twenties bridal fashion.


6. Crisis at the wedding of Lady Honor Guinness in 1933 as her veil is caught by the wind. This sleek, bias-cut dress with its draped heck line is similar to the eveningwear styles of the time.


7. The wedding of the British film star Marjorine Hume takes place in the same year, and she wears the same dress with a similarly draped neck line. Her dress is plain, but detailing included pearl-studded skullcaps, silk flowers worn in the hair, pearl-edged bodices and neck lines with wreaths of cut-out leather leaves.


American actress Carol Landis marries Thomas Wallace in London in 1943. If she had been British, her dress would have been made from rayon or viscose, but in America more luxurious fabrics were available; this would have been silk or even nylon. Rich lipstick, an absolute essential for the fashion-conscious, was crumbly and the results were often blotchy.


8. Nell Dearing of the Express Dairy cults her wedding cake. Her headdress has a very short, scarf-like veil, probably as a result of the fabric shortages of the time. Women wore both knee-length and long dresses to get married in, and the fashionable colours were pale pink and pale blue as well as white or cream.


9. Wide skirts, long veils and the use of white brocade and chiffon were back in fashion for post-war brides. For her marriage to Phillip Mountbatten in 1947, Princess Elizabeth wear a dress by Royal dressmaker Norman Hartnell, which was widely copied by the mass market.

10. Jacqueline Lee Bouvier favoured a lavish, skirted, off-the-shoulder dress off her suntan when she married future American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1953.


11. Prince Rainier of Monaco marries Grace Kelly in 1956


12. Audrey Hepburn's chaste white dress in white organdie by Balmain shows the sophisticated simplicity that was so much her hallmark. She married the actor Mel Ferrer in September 1954.

Audrey Hepburn's retro style is iconic, so is her wedding dress... one of the classic vintage wedding dresses

Brigitte Bardot wedding dress

13. Brigitte Bardot's wedding to Jacques Charrier in Louveciennes, near Paris, in June 1959, was marked by its informality. Her pink gingham dress by Jacques Esterel was widely copied and helped to make gingham fashionable once again.


14. Eternal french pop star Johnny Hallyday and Silvie Vartan escape from the church by a side door after their wedding in 1965 in order to avoid the press. Separate hoods or scarves worn with wedding dresses were alternatives to veils at the time, and more radical bridalwear included fur-trimmed mini dresses worn with white boots and a fir-trimmed bonne.


15. Jeanne Lanvin's romantic summer 1968 wedding dress reflect the idealise, pastoral look so much in demand at the time.

1960s Show business dresses up (and down) for its weddings and made up a collection of 1960s beautiful vintage wedding dresses


Vintage wedding dresses from the 1960s were mostly short... very 1960s style!

16. Actress Sharon Tate marries film director Roman Polansky in 1968 in a daringly short miny-dress;

17. Pop singer Lulu emerges from the church with new husband Maurrice Gibb of the Bee Gees in 1969. Fir trims and bonnets and scarves were an alternative to a vail.

18. In the same year year singer Cilla Black rejects traditional white for a dark velvet mini-dress for her wedding to Boddy Willis, her personal manager.

19. Bianca marries Mick Jagger in a white trouser suit in St Tropez in 1971.


20. And last but not the least: Lady Di wedding dress, one of the most remarkable of the vintage wedding dresses styles.

Lady Diana Spencer marries Prince Charles on 29 July 1981. The gauche, former kindergarten assistant assistant instantly wowed an enraptured public with her fairy-tale dress of ivory silk, with bodice, voluminous skirt and long train designed by Elizabeth and David Emanuel. The Dress was widely copied and fuelled the trend for full skirts and puffed sleeves for eveningwear.

Hope you've enjoyed our Top 20 of the best vintage wedding dresses.

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