Vintage Wedding Ideas

Chose the decade which suits the best for your vintage wedding and try to learn as much as possible about it:

  • popular films and actors of the decade;
  • music styles, and bands of the decade;
  • clothing and accessories, popular items of the decade;
  • What colours and patterns were popular;
  • interior style of the decade;
  • car models;
  • popular magazines, newspapers, postcards and calendars;
  • what style of china were used, and so on.

Vintage Wedding

On 20th Century Fashion you can find more information about all the vintage decades.

All these will give you ideas to design your wedding gown, your invitation, your cake and your venue yourself or explain what exactly you want to a professional.

And try to keep everything consistent. Mind the little details.

1960s Wedding

If you chose the 60s style for your wedding for example, think Austin Powers style &mdash bright colours, geometric patterns.

Think about the atmosphere of the epoch. Music will make it.

Giant lolly pops can be a perfect decoration for your wedding table, think disco style, bright red colour and black and white polka dot patterns can be use to create a 60s interior and table decorations.

Use the same ideas and colours for your invitation and menu design. Good idea will be to put relevant names into your stylish menu, something like Elvis Presley Salad or Beatles Souse.

And mind the details — they will make the the best impression.

Stay Happy

Don't forget that it's your wedding you are planning &mdash one of the happiest moments in your life.

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