Top 10 Vintage Women's Swimsuit Ideas

Vintage women's swimsuits are the cutest and the sexiest in any vintage collection.

There are so many vintage swimwear ideas from different decades.

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Vintage Woman Swimsuit

Vintage Swimsuits of 1920s

were made of knitted cotton or wool. The pattern is usually bright striped or with geometrical graphics.
Elastic costumes from the end of 1920s have low sweeping backs and cutaway panels for maximum suntan advantages. This style was developed towards the end of the decade.

Vintage women's swimsuit

1930s Women's Swimsuits

Stretch-rayon and cotton were used for swimsuits of the 1930s, and bright colours such as red, yellow and green were the 1930s colours.

Vintage Womens Simsuits 1930s Fashion

Swimming costumes with removable straps for sunbathing were produced together with halter neck costumes. Fashionable evening dresses often sported low-cut backs, and these demanded smooth skin and even tan.

Sport belts were used as detailing on swimming costumes, often with circular buckles, and coloured rubber shoes.

1940s Swimwear

During the 1940s, the bikini was launched in France by designer Jacques Heim and Louis Reard in 1946, and took off in a big way in Europe during the 1950s.

Stripes and seashell prints livened up a streamed, one-piece swimming costume.

Bra tops in rayon worn with short skirts

1950s &mdash 1960s

Bikinis from 1950s — early 1960s were worn slung low on the hip, and had detachable halter neck straps of strings which tied at the back of the neck.

Flip-flops, straw bags and straw hats or headscarves completed the essential beach look.

Vintage bikini

1970s Women's Swimsuit

G-string bikinis, which sat low on the hip and could be worn under hipster trousers came from 1970s, and wide sun hats were often designed in the same fabric as a swimming costume and matching wrap sarong.

Vintage Swimsuit Bikini Piknic

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