Vuitton Lover

by Christine
(Palm Harbor, FL)




I was wondering if you could look at my pics and tell me about what timeframe this bag is from? Is it a Noe?
The inside lining is alcantra suede-like with an oval patch by the zippered pocket stating "Louis Vuitton Paris Made in France."
I am attaching pics of the outside oval patch also stating "Louis Vuitton Paris Made in France" with laces coming through a leather joiner (I don't see that on many Noes), smooth leather rings not engraved, engraved rivets and bottom of bag....all clearly marked by file name.
I bought this bag from a friend about 30yrs ago and it is still going strong!
Can you tell me if it is authentic about hold old it truly is? The vachetta leather surely has aged gracefully and the bag is still beautiful.
Of course, I can not find serial numbers, but I would say that is because of age and dating the bags began much later in the 80's. Is that true? Is that also why the rings are also smooth and appearing to be nickel, not goldtone?

Thanks so very much for your help, appreciate it!

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