WerleRostásy Silk Couture 

by THE COUP fashion

Timo Wirsching

Timo Wirsching

Timo Wirsching

Well-being of the highest elegance and femininity with the Silk Couture by WerleRostásy. 
The pleasant feeling of silk on the skin is combined with uncomplicated feminine cuts and gives a woman a luxurious body awareness. The current f/w collection is perfectly suitable to coats and jackets. 

Founded by the young designers Sarah Werle and Mira Rostásy, the high fashion label WerleRostásy gives back the feeling of pure luxury to the woman. Headquartered in Spain, they create a hundred percent silk couture which comes in fabric and fitting to the perfect well-being while wearing. A finish of silk painting on every handcrafted item convertes it into an unique piece.

The concept of the young couturiers traces back to the pretension and the return to the essence of manufacturing and to the art of fashion: „Unfortunately just few know the feeling of wearing a piece of clothing made of a hundred percent silk these days because most of the fabrics are replaced by polyester and suchlike. Therefore, we would like to give back the feeling of pure luxury on the woman’s body. Every woman is different in a way, just as well as our dresses are. Because each dress is a unique item, the client chooses just the dress that fits best to her.“

Silk moves airily like a second skin around the body. You hardly realize that you are actually wearing anything. „Wearing our dresses, the customer shall feel feminine, attractive and self-confident. Because the sense of well-being of the client is fundamental to us, we always bear in mind that the cuts are just that – enjoyable and sleazy to wear, without slipping or the need for adjustment.“ 

WerleRostásy cuts are very complimentary for the female physique, they hide problematic zones and emphasize the womanly curves. The production is effected exclusively locally in Spain, there is a special importance on close collaborations with the manufacturers which enables an excellent quality management.

Furthermore, WerleRostásy supports charitable organizations with the proceeds of every tenth sold item. The organization is changed every two years in order to support most different organizations. This year, WR has chosen an organisation that enables women to start their own business by a personal loan what they would not succeed without this support.

Five years ago, the young German entrepreneurs Sarah Werle and Mira Rostásy got to know each other at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Toronto, where they also initiated their collaboration. Considering the traits of their collections and clients, they chose Spain as their place of location. Since 2009, they are operating in Madrid and melt their ambitions to the creations of their own fabric designs. That possibility they found in silk painting. They procure bare asian silk which they paint in watercolours and set in their studio.Together with the cuts, the finished material is sent to Maella, a family business manufacturer where the dresses are tailored.

The chromaticity and cut of the silk dresses, tunics and cloths of WerleRostásy recall white, long sandy beaches and noble hotel bars that turn into catwalks. This feeling of lightness and jaunty life is to be spread in the world. The current collection is available on http://werlerostasy.com, in the studio in Madrid, at the Vieve Boutique in L.A., at the Prestige-Store in Freiburg as well as on request at the Showroom of The Coup in Berlin.

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