Curious Review of the Brightest Fashion Sparkles in the Women's Vintage Clothing

What is women's vintage clothing and what is not?

Lady's vintage clothing is a variety of women,s clothing from almost seven different decades. And let’s make it clear first - those garments are something much more than just a torn leather bag or a very old coat with fancy buttons.

Vinytage Girl With Buttrefly

Let’s acknowledge there are different kinds of vintage clothing:

  • old or second hand clothing that is 20 or more years old
  • and there are brand new clothing from twentieth century - vintage clothing, never worn, spent all those years in warehouses
  • and there is vintage inspired clothing - which is designed accordingly to the retro style, but produced only now, though that’s another story
(if you want to find out some curious facts about the Vintage Style Clothing click here , but those who are interested in Real retro clothing please stay with us).

Why women's vintage clothing is in a high demand nowadays?

Any vintage collection is a concentrate of the best clothes that survived in a strict battle with highly competitive ultra fashion new garments. So what is left from the past decades and not thrown away, they are always the best time-proved stuff. And also let's not forget the nostalgia part of the vintage clothing, vintage and retro - is what we miss, our memories, our old dreams.

Womans's Vintage Clothing 70s Girl and Car

The best of vintage ledys' styles and vintage designers

To review the best garments from the women's vintage clothing let’s start from Coco Chanel. The little black dress was created by this fabulous woman, and was copied by so many designers during all of the 20th century;
Chanel N5 was invented in 20s;
Chanel 80s style is blue jeans, Chanel stripy T-shirt, and a black jacket over it.

Art Deco Art Deco movement
gave so much to women's
vintage clothing fashion:

  • Geometrical fabric textures,
  • Square shape dresses,
  • Cloch hats,
  • Long ledy cigarettes,
  • Feathers in women's heads,
  • Bias cut dresses,
  • and a lot of Art Deco accessories.

If you want to find out more
about Art Deco, see
20th Century Movements article
and Art Deco Jewellery article
if you want to learn about
Art Deco jewellery trends,
best Art Deco designers
and much more.

Christian Dior created the most romantic vintage women look of all time. Dior’s new look was copied all over as well, therefore 50s ballerina puff skirts can be found with any label.
For more information about Dior's New Look please see 20th Century Movements article

New Look Balerina Skirts

Some other famous vintage trends are:

  • 30s slim-cut dresses, wide shoulders and belted waist;
  • Glorious fir greatcoats, fir trims and wraps that shadowed the Long evening dress;
  • Sailor style tops;
  • Short thin floral dresses;
  • Matching mother and daughter swimwear;
  • 40s uniforms;
  • Long sleeved dresses with buttons;
  • Sharp shouldered jackets and knee length skirts;
  • Clair Mc Cardell wrap-style dresses, jersey bodysuits;
  • Jumper dresses;
  • Ski-fi-look padded white satin jackets by Charles James;

  • 50s Fancy wide ballerina skirts by Dior;
  • Taped waists and bust-enhancing bodycases;
  • Late 50s pencil skirts;
  • 60s girl-child Twiggy dresses;
  • Mini dresses;
  • 70s hippie souvenirs;
  • Indian shirts;
  • Gipsy skirts;
  • Poncho;
  • Psychedelic colours and prints
  • Widen long trousers
  • Punk fashion
  • 80s wide padded shoulders with a short tight skirts;
  • Leggins of different colours;
  • Chanel striped T-shirts;
  • Power dressings
  • Designer’s jacket with jeans.

Womans's Vintage Clothing Beach Girl with paraspl

Well after the short time journey to the past, please come back to 2011, when you can mix clothes from those gorgeous fashion decades. And that's when women's vintage clothing looks winning. What you do need here is good sense of style (and a good sense of humour:), courage to look different and charisma.

Let other people see you

Don't hide yourself inside your clothes (I don't mean go naked:), I mean find apparel that reflects your personality, your nature, your thoughts. Though if/when you think 'I hate myself' or 'How bored I am with myself' - we all do think so sometimes, please don't put on the clothes that reflect those thoughts, in this case try to play - entertain yourself, and if it's a funny old red hat that brings a smile on your face or completely extravagant clown jump suite which make old ladys on streets shocked, then go for it!

Perform yourself. Express your feelings, your life style, your mood through your clothes. And if it is the vintage clothes that make you feel comfortable, encores your self esteem higher, and make you look great, then make it part of your style, and be our friend.

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