Young and Unique Berlin Fashion Label

by Lüllepop

Berlin fashion label

Berlin fashion label

Berlin fashion label

Berlin fashion label

Lüllepop - Is a young, unique Berlin fashion label.
Cathleen Reinheckel & Andre Gawanka are revolutionizing the latex fashions
with clever catchy combinations using textiles and latex in such a way
that it,s eye catching and extravagant yet still practical and wearable.

Lüllepop gear is designed to take full advantage of the female form and
lure and bedazzle the male of the species.
The feminine lines are well brought together using materials such as
lace,lycra, fine nappa leather or even knitted materials, all cleverly
combined with latex.

Ready for the start of the 15th Erotic Fair in Berlin ( Venus ) Cathleen
and Andre have created a fitting Desous collection, which will garantee to
turn some heads and begile the public, particularly the men.

The "Dolcessa in autunno " collection is in colors spanning from soft
Champagne tones, to warm passionate burgandy colors of a deep full bodied
red wine.

Lüllepop has also used lots of lace to keep the soft feminine touch and
combine it with the more racey latex fem-dom style.

There are G-strings & triangular bras, and an array of charming panties etc.

And for the complete look and feel the are a number of fitting accessoires
which give a fabulous allround stylish look and feel which cannot be
overlooked by any admiring eye!
Things like, arm bands,Spats and so on.

A simply stunning young lady models some of the Lüllepop creations on the
Venus Berlin Erotic fair poster this year ( Micaela Schäfer)
wearing a simple but effective pantie from our collection.

Lüllepop has also designed the garments that Micaela will be wearing at
the Venus Berlin Awards, a dream made of Latex & Lace.

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